An Immersive Hacking Game and Simulation …

Join Vigilante INC a top provider in Network Security, Cyber Contracting, and highly secretive organization that wields seemingly limitless influence over policy and perception.



Proceed with confidence through a CloudHost…

Capitalizing on lesser known “features” built into some cloud computing platforms, GAUNTLET-VR™ makes easy work of cracking most network security systems. Designed and built by SysAdmin, the founder and CEO of Vigilante Inc himself, GAUNTLET-VR™ is the last word in security auditing software.

Take control of cutting edge security tools…

Purchase hardware upgrades and install the newest Attack Ware releases from the Warez-Mart.

TerminalContract Wallpaper 1920x1080

Penetrate private file servers to steal sensitive data and trade secrets? 


Expose the vulnerabilities you’ve discovered, and protect systems and data?

The decisions you make are your own, as is the reputation you earn from them…


~Be true to the code of a White-Hat.  Use your talents to secure and protect systems from black-hat attacks and expose vulnerabilities before they can be exploited maliciously.

~ Use your talents  as a Black-Hat to exploit and destroy in your quest to achieve personal wealth and title.

~ Or use your talents as a Gray-Hat. Tread the fine line between both worlds, and alter your decisions as you see fit.

When every decision you make comes only in Black or White…

Which hat will you wear?


White Hat Hacker Gray Hat Hacker Black Hat Hacker